Breakthrough OZONE Technology™ For Processing Medical Waste

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Does your medical waste treatment procedure produce ZERO EMISSIONS™? Whether you process on site or have hauled away, the answer is probably . . . NO. Our customers are often recognized by associations, media and local communities for their environmental leadership and commitment to sustainability.

ZERO Emissions™


Can a new, breakthrough technology actually lower your operating costs? ABSOLUTELY. In addition to greatly reducing energy consumption, operation costs and risk to staff, Clean Waste Systems' Ozone Treatment Machines will finally give you control of your waste processing costs. Please contact us if you would like a free custom report of potential savings for your organization.

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Employee safety is critical to any organization. The increased automation of our systems not only greatly simplifies operation, but greatly reduces handling of, and exposure to, biohazardous waste. No need for packaging or refrigeration as with haul-away services, or exposure to the dangerous heat/steam of typical on-site processing systems. No matter what your current method of disposal, a Clean Waste Systems' solution will improve safety and reduce liability. Additionally, by using an ozone-based sterilization system, the unpleasant odor of autoclave technology systems is significantly reduced creating a much more pleasant and safe work environment.


Treating Medical Waste With Ozone

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