OSHA, CDC, and World Health Organization state that waste from COVID-19 patients should be handled as standard regulated medical waste (RMW). Routine procedures for handling COVID-19 medical waste apply. Clean Waste Systems ozone medical waste processing systems are approved by state regulatory agencies as a highly effective solution for the sterilization of RMW.

Texas Medical Waste, LLC installed the Ozone Medical Waste System to treat infectious waste in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner.

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Monument Health in Rapid City, South Dakota announces plan to install a facility to house an Ozone Medical Waste Treatment System manufactured by Clean Waste Systems of Fargo, North Dakota. The Ozone System will shred and sterilizes medical waste in the new facility in an environmentally friendly and responsible fashion.  

Clean Waste Systems presented their "state of the art" Ozone Medical Waste Treatment Technology at the STAR-TIDES 12th Annual Technology show located in the Pentagon.

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Clean Waste Systems LLC

Steve Pellegrene, EVP of Sales and Business Development, was a featured guest on the EmeraldPlanet Weekly TV program discussing “Technologies of the Future” and how Clean Waste Systems’ Ozone Medical Waste Treatment Technology is positioning itself in the Healthcare Industry.

Clean Waste Systems' Executive VP and COO, Peter Jude, presented at the Florida Environmental Health Association's Annual Education Conference on newer technologies within the waste to energy forefront that are using CWS ozone technology turning medical waste into bio-diesel fuel. At the education conference, Jude stated, “our goal is to assist in 100% landfill diversion.”

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Clean Waste Systems™ participates at several world-wide tradeshows annually

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