Environmental Benefits

The use of Incineration and autoclaves in the treatment of medical waste does not allow health care providers to fulfill the medical ethic to "first do no harm." It is their responsibility to manage medical waste in ways that help protect the public and the environment.


The growing awareness of increasing waste output and the negative effects on the environment is resulting in unmatched efforts and legislation to curb this problem. At the top of this list will be the reduction in pollutants caused by the processing of bio-hazardous waste.


In the United States alone, almost a half of a million tons of this waste is generated. Most of this waste is either incinerated or autoclaved. While incineration causes unacceptable levels of toxins, autoclaves create horrific smells and water runoff. One ton of medical waste incinerated produces one ton of greenhouse gases and autoclaves squander our valuable natural resources. And with recently initiated EPA regulations and more to come in the near future , the pressure is on medical facilities and third party processors to either substantially upgrade current disposal systems or find viable alternatives.


With our OMW-1000 technology, you gain 'peace of mind' knowing that your bio-hazardous waste is not being incinerated and thus contributing to the toxic emissions into our environment. Beyond your "peace of mind" is the fact that you have reduced your exposure to litigation and liabilities as a result of the mishandling and transportation of your biomedical waste.


The OMW-1000 is a sustainable technology. By using this technology, we no longer need to put the environment of our future generations at risk. Using only ambient air, a small amount of water and a little electricity, our unique technology has a very small environmental footprint.


Economic Benefits


The OMW-1000 provides cost certainty, there is no more guessing on what your waste management costs will be. For just pennies per pound, you can treat your own waste on-site. And, more importantly, because you are not billed by weight, there is no more deciding on what should or should not be included in your bio-hazardous waste management program.


The OMW-1000 can not only handle your bio-hazardous waste but also nearly all your waste which cannot be recycled; this means less labor intensive (and expensive) waste segregation. Because you can sterilize your waste immediately on site, there is no need for expensive refrigerated storage facilities. Conventional systems require special packaging prior to transportation.


The OMW-1000 system eliminates the need for expensive boxes, liners, containers, etc.


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